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Jeff began his radio career at KCLB 93.7 in Palm Springs, California where he worked from 1994 through 1995. To get back on the air, Dandurand paid out of his pocket to host a radio show called L.A. Rock Scene. This led to full-time work at KIXA, a small rock station in Victorville, California.  Jeff caught a break hosting "Metalblitz Radio" on KLSX, an FM talk station in Los Angeles that also carried The Howard Stern Show. "Metalblitz Radio" was funded by MUSICBLITZ Records, a web based label, and became the subject of high profile articles and a sold out live show. Jeff appeared on an episode of the Late Late Show as a result of his weekly show. Although the show had good ratings for KLSX, "Metalblitz Radio" was dropped when MUSICBLITZ Records folded the following year.

“Duran” resurfaced in Riverside, working for KCXX an alternative rock station. At KCXX, Jeff worked his way from weekend announcer to Morning Drive co host. This led to a solo morning gig at active rock station KKXX-FM in Bakersfield. In January 2006, Jeff returned to Los Angeles to resume his comedy career.

On Southern California radio, Jeff has been most-known as the "rock and roll junkie." At KLSX, KCXX and KIXA, Dandurand would urge callers to stump the junkie on his vast music knowledge, with the listener normally losing to challenge. Duran retired the bit because he felt New York radio personality Eddie Trunk ripped it off. Duran includes the "rock and roll junkie" sound bite on his mixtapes.

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In 2007, Dandurand returned to radio as afternoon drive host on modern rock station KKZQ in Palmdale, California. Jeff also became Music Director and assistant Program Director in addition to his daily radio show. Duran Show was also carried briefly in Ventura, CA on the now defunct KOCP 95.9. Many guests appeared on the Duran Show, including Lady Gaga, who would frequent the show before becoming an international phenomenon.Duran parted ways with KKZQ in early 2011. In January 2012, the Duran Show was re-launched in conjunction with the Beverly Hills based celebrity gossip site Paparazzi Daily.