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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Jeff Dandurand (born February 13, 1974), mostly known as Jeff Duran, is an American radio personality, comedian, actor, writer, entertainer and former child actor based in Los Angeles, California. Duran can be heard weekdays 2-7PM on two Southern California stations KKZQ-FM Antelope Valley and KOCP-FM Ventura. Jeff's mother was the first to nurture his creative aspirations and began taking him on auditions by the time he was 12. Dandurand was able to obtain management and sign with the Savage Agency, which resulted in bit parts on television and in film

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Dandurand takes over Television Station 7/14/13. 

Beverly Hills, CA (July 14, 2013) – FilmOn.TV never does anything in a traditional manner. In keeping with that theme, FilmOn and their LA based channel KiLM recently interviewed veteran broadcaster/comedian Jeff Dandurand in true Alki David inspired fashion. Dandurand appeared as "J.J. Star" spewing profane insults  at  the audience who participated via BattleCam. The later  is FilmOn’s hit show where the audience becomes the show via their webcam and interactive participation: voting, performing skits and making real-time comments during the live stream and over-the-air broadcast. Dandurand also promoted his film 'How Embarrassing' and  made comments regarding the Zimmerman trial. "The brother wasn't there to defend himself, how can this puffy headed wanna be security guard go free?",  was one of his many comments. Dandurand spoke slowly commenting how he had just been released from Jail the night before.

The listings for KiLM are as follows: Channel 64 for AT&T Uverse, Dish and DirecTV, channel 32 for Time Warner, channel 47 for Time Warner in the South Bay and channel 14 for Time Warner in Marina Del Rey.




The Sicilian Incident from hollywoodpress on Vimeo.

The Sicilian Incident Is A Combination Of A Live Stand up Show And Outrageous Skits, Songs & Interviews.The latest Mix tape From Duran is Centered Around His 1998 Sold Out Performance Luna Park, The 90's Mecca For Alternative Comedy.  Also Included Is A 2010 Interview With Legendary Chevy Chase. Light Years Ahead Of His Contemporaries, Duran Hosted What Some Consider One Of The First Pod casts. From 1997 Comes Hilarious Commentary From Duran & Comedy Legend Brian Holtzman. We Also Get To Hear Duran's Tribute To Micheal Jackson As Well As His Original Celebrity Impersonations.



In a recent interview article by Paparazzi Daily, Jeff Dandurand (Co-Producer for unreleased Britney track ‘Rebellion’ for BLACKOUT) was interviewed and the site reported…

Britney Spears fans are gearing up for the release of the singer’s new music in 2013. Details are slowly emerging about the music and what it was like to work with Spears on the follow-up to ”fem-me fa tale“.

“Right now her peeps are preparing for Britney’s upcoming album, which will be released in Fall 2013. Some other things too, but the main focus is the album,” American producer Jeff Dandurand (Jey Jey Star) said in a recent radio interview. “She has a process she goes through when these initial stages for a new album begin. I’ve seen cats (producers) craft something brand new or take in beats from two years ago and Britney creates Gold with it.

Dandurand, who is also known as comedian Jey Jey Star has contributed music for Spears before. Jeff along with the late Christopher “Notes” Nolen penned the much sought after unreleased track “Rebellion“, which was recorded but omitted for the ‘Blackout‘ album.

“[Britney]‘always has her fans in mind first and wants only her best represented,” Dandurand said. “I will say that people’s speculation behind the unreleased songs meaning is not far off. Notes (referring the late producer) was a genius. He heard some basic arrangement i was messing with and literally splashed magic on it. Britney came up with the lyrics based on a personal poem she had been working on for a couple weeks leading up to our recording session. The original demo is still in my archives but because of Notes passing and my loyalty for Spears, I will not leak it until both camps feel its ready for public consumption.”

When asked over the holiday break by her fans if she’ll be releasing her eighth studio album, Spears, 31, replied in a series of responses, reading: “Really focused on my music right now. … Collaborating with some new inspiring producers. … Working hard.”


1.What do you think about all this mystery about the song Rebellion? 


DANDURAND: We have to remember the time period this was in Britney’s life. Very Tumultuous and the song is very dark in it’s presentation. Britney had been messing with some poetry leading up to the recording and came forth with those haunting lyrics. I added lyrics and the late Christopher “Notes” put his voodoo on an already spine chilling ditty. Scott Storch came through and stitched up this track and the rest was history. Well not really, Britney had her well-publicized  debacles, Notes was found dead outside of Pachanca casino in 2010, Storch went on an epic Cocaine binge that almost killed him and I receive 2-3 death threats a week about the song. People link it to Illuminati and that could be true.


2.In 2007 some sites had a CD with the songs "Rebellion", "Love (in the Bahamas)", "Flown Away", "Kiss me All Over" and "Pull it". Why this CD was created?


DANDURAND: That was a promo disc that was intended to get South America markets on board for ‘Blackout’. 

3. Why the song wasn't leaked? Respect for Britney, copyright or something like that?



DANDURAND: The song has leaked and you can find it on Youtube and other sites with unreleased Spears material (he's talking about the incomplete version). Fans want a non-looped version with additional lyrics and that is property of Zomba and Christopher Notes. I wanted to acquire exclusive rights baring any financial gain and was shot down four times with various cease and desists. Additional lyrics exist but the most pure version has a different intro and does not repeat. It does not loop or go into any other arrangement, The Original Doll project bootleg and the aforementioned BMI promo is the purest of all versions leaked. It’s out there.


4. The song is really dark like some people says?


DANDURAND: It was created by four dark individuals if you stop and think about it. Britney has gone there and knows more about evil forces that pull the strings.


5. What would you do if you could change the music?


DANDURAND: I would never mess with the song after the remix Notes did in 2009. He literally killed it in a way that anybody attempting to modify seems like an amateur. That is why his family needs to release it or allow me to include on his compilation.  The song maybe cursed, but new revealings will come to pass this year that will surprise fans!


6. What was your inspiration to write the song?


DANDURAND: Manipulation was my driving force, how Government manipulates our minds  and makes you think they are on your side. It was part of the original “J.J. Star” instrumentals from the early 2000’s. I’ve written over 1000 songs and this one gets the most requests.


7. How was work with Britney?


DANDURAND: Britney is one of the most professional acts I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She has her recording down to a science. She has been like that going back to her early days. She comes in and is prepared and all business. She normally can nail a track in first couple takes. People take shots at Britney saying they think she is not all together, you try stepping in a women’s shoes who is one of the leading female icons in the last 20 years. She’s our generations Madonna but bigger in pop culture terms. She is one of the greats people will talk about 50 years from now.

8. How do you describe the music?

DANDURAND: I describe her music as feel good pop with inspiration. Most female acts are derivatives of her now because of the bombastic nature of the hooks that are tailor made for performance. The new material that’s been going around is amazing and I predict the 8th album with be artistically up there with ‘Blackout’ bearing the best melodies from “Femme’.


9. We can see that Rebellion can't be released. Do you pretend leak another song, maybe Love (in the Bahamas)?


DANDURAND: I don’t pretend and “Never Lie”. If these guys wouldn’t threaten me with lawsuits I would leak it daily, until then you will have to enjoy the version that is available. 


Credits to BSlovers Forum Brazil, we have an interview with the Dancer Aminah and another with the Personal Trainner Tony Martinez and I'll post them as well.


 Jeff Dandurand parle de la chanson

« Rebellion » et du nouvel album

Auteur : olivia // Date : 17 May 2013 // Réagir sur le Forum [REBELLION]
Catégories : News, Nouvel album 2013

Les fans de Britney se préparent à la sortie de la nouvelle musique de la chanteuse en 2013. Quelques détails émergent lentement à propos des nouveaux morceaux et sur comment se passe le travail avec Spears sur le successeur de Femme Fatale.

«En ce moment son équipe se prépare pour le prochain album de Britney, qui sera publié à l’automne 2013. Quelques autres choses se préparent aussi, mais l’objectif principal est l’album” a déclaré le producteur américain Jeff Dandurand (Jey Jey Star), dans un récent entretien à la radio .

“Elle suit un procédé bien à elle lorsque ces étapes initiales pour un nouvel album commencent. J’ai vu les producteurs travailler sur des choses nouvelles ou utiliser des beats d’il y a deux ans et Britney crée de l’or avec cela.

Dandurand, qui est également connu aussi comme acteur-humoriste Jey Jey Star a contribué à la musique de Spears par le passé. Jeff a écrit avec le regretté Christopher “Notes” Nolen le très recherché titre inédit “Rebellion”, qui a été enregistré, mais rejeté pour l’album ”Blackout”.

“[Britney]» a toujours ses fans à l’esprit en premier et veut que seulement le meilleur d’elle soit représenté, “a déclaré Dandurand. “Je dirai que la spéculation des gens derrière le sens des chansons inédites de Britney est loin d’être terminée. Notes (renvoyant au regretté producteur) était un génie. Il a entendu un arrangement basique sur lequel je peinais et l’a littéralement éclaboussé de sa magie. Britney est venue avec des paroles basées sur un poème personnel sur lequel elle avait travaillé pendant les semaines qui ont précédé notre session d’enregistrement. La démo d’origine est toujours dans mes archives, en raison du décès de Notes et de ma loyauté envers Spears, je ne publierai pas le morceau jusqu’à ce que les deux camps se sentent prêts à la diffuser au public”.

Lorsque ses fans lui ont demandé au cours de la période des fêtes si elle allait sortir son huitième album studio, Britney Spears, 31 ans, a répondu dans une série de réponses : “Vraiment concentré sur ma musique en ce moment. … je collabore avec de nouveaux producteurs très inspirants …Je travaille dur ”